China – Mapo Tofu

China – Mapo Tofu. One of my ALL TIME favorite Chinese dishes which originates from the Sichuan province. Originally, I was going to do dan dan noodles, but it’s not as photogenic 😂 and I guess that’s just me being a perfectionist. Also, mapo tofu is ridiculously easy to make and goes so well with rice and a beer. I love mine on the spicy side, but the beauty is you can adjust the spice and flavor profile pretty easily too.

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France – Coq au Vin

Is there really anything that can be said about 1. French cuisine? and 2. Coq au Vin that hasn’t been already said by the millions of people who have tried this? No, I don’t think so. One of Julia Child’s most famous recipes. I’ve done Beouf Bourguignon twice before in my life, so I knew […]

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South Africa – Bobotie

This was a dish I never thought I would try. It’s very unique and has some amazing flavors. But the custard on top took the cake for the best part of the dish. It really mixed very well with the ground beef underneath it! The egg custard really elevated this dish. I didn’t make the […]

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Canada – Maple Butter Tarts

I’m not much of a baker, but these were pretty easy. Unfortunately, the recipe I used did not make enough filling so I had to scoop out some filling from the other muffin tins. Let me just say, this was amazing. And it’s pretty hard to screw up. The filling is made out of brown […]

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India – Chicken Korma

I served the Chicken Korma with a turmeric-flavored rice. Turmeric is such a great addition to almost any dish really. Unfortunately, I did not make the naan from scratch. Aha, call it a bit of laziness. But even store bought can be delicious! All you have to do is toast it a little in the […]

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I guess it would help if I actually wrote an intro blog post first, huh? OKAY! For 3 years, I worked on my very own cookbook, which you can find here. I’m originally from Slovakia, formerly Czechoslovakia, and I have a really deep appreciation for the culture and food and family that I have there. […]

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